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Rick Waalders
Posted Jun 04 - Read on Facebook

Hey, when I try to share a project I get an "upload failed" error. In I see it mentions my own AWS credentials file, the one that is located in ~username/.aws/credentials. I'm guessing Studio tries to use those credentials instead of the Framer credentials and fails when trying to connect to S3.
Is there anything I can do to fix this without removing my own AWS credentials?


Eelco Lempsink

Hmm, odd! Did you try (temporarily) moving your credentials to see if that fixed it? Either way, this sounds like a bug, good catch! I’ll look into it.

Koen Bok

Hmm could it be boto picks these up automatically? It's weird, because I just checked the code and I set ours explicitly. I'll dive deeper.

Koen Bok

The other odd thing is that we use an anonymous login on S3 upload-only. Maybe it prefers any credentials it can find over anonymous...

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