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Michael Boswell
Posted Apr 03 - Read on Facebook

A friend of mine was having an issue creating multiple horizontal pageComponents stacked vertically in a vertical scrollComponent. When searching for a solution, there is a Medium prototype that's often referenced, but actually solves for the inverse. I'm sure someone has posted something similar, but he couldn't find anything so I threw this together real quick and figured I'd post here in case anyone else runs into this same issue.

Edit: Added directionLock on both the scroll/page Components. (Thanks, Fran)


Alex David

Thanks for this!

Brandon Wardle

Huge help!! Thank you.

Brandon Faulkner

love this, so useful in many different cases, great work!

Fran Pérez

You should enable directionLock for both components :)

Ryan Teo

How do you record this with the cursor? Quicktime is unable to have this cursor recorded.

Anton Jarl

This should be posted to the Framer Examples Gallery

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