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David Townsend
Posted Jun 03 - Read on Facebook

I had a slightly simple question:

How would I create a loop where a image is duplicated when a user clicks on a button and then the image is duplicated bellow an existing image in a scrolling list. But the copied image can be deleted when user clicks on a different button?

I know I need a layer that contains all my elements that I need to duplicate

Then create a layer with the image I want to use

Create two button layers that are a child to container layer

One button that on click will Copy the container layer

One button that will Delete the container layer above it.

How would I make sure that the layers would not over lap in a loop?

Could I just make a function of the container layer I want to duplicate?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey David Townsend,

I made you an example (I think this is what you mean) with the comments explaining how it works →

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