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Eric Wyman
Posted Jun 08 - Read on Facebook

Working with Kevyn Arnott's iosKit and having trouble determining how to update the properties written in the modules. For example, if I change the rgba values for the NavBar backgroundColor directly in the module I can make the color anything I want. But can I do that right in framer?


Kevyn Arnott

Yeah, you can. Sorry, I should better call this out in the documentation. The nav bar component is a collection of layers, so you can change the background color by writing nav.backgroundColor = "blue".

Eric Wyman

Awesome, thanks.

Eric Wyman

So the next question is how to change the color on that title?

Eric Wyman

I'm trying to add a custom component to your module so I can reuse a piece of the UI. It's the first time I'm trying this out, so I'm curious if I'm on the right path.

I've written the attached code in and added

searchFiles = new ios.Search

Can you see an error Kevyn Arnott

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