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Stijn Eversdijk
Posted Jun 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

We are using Modules for certain fixed UI-components. How can we target layers that are generated by the module in the rest of the prototype?

For example: we can see the name in the layerlist, but we can't interact with it in the code.



Kim Does

You can have the module return the object you're creating so you can then access it in the code:

myNavigation = navigation.createNavigation(...)

wrapper = new Layer
<etc etc>

return wrapper

Stijn Eversdijk

Hey Kim Does, thanks! We don't seem to be able to target the wrapper in the prototype. How do you do that? For instance change the Y for the wrapper?

Kim Does

I've made a quick example which shows how I usually do it. You should be able to access attributes.

Stijn Eversdijk

Kim, this is great stuff! Thanks a lot!

Blaine Billingsley

Kim yes!

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