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Sergey Voronov
Posted Jun 02 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, I used amazing module by Marc Krenn, to connect Framer to Firebase. Example prototype is recreation of google allo group chat. you can try it live here desktop webkit browser only


Marc Krenn

Awesome work, Sergey! (y) Very inspiring!

That's what I was talking about, boom.

Andrey Yanovskiy

As my devs-colleagues said, "We will not be needed soon, you will write your own apps."

Ed Monterrubio

Excellent!! Thank you for sharing Sergey!

Christian Poschmann

Next level!

Travis Hall


Sergey Voronov

thanx guys) make sure to check Marc Krenn article on medium

Joseph Kim

Blow my mind.... :O

Sergey Voronov

Strange thing input field not working on android(

Kennen Pflughoeft

Hey Look! A reason to use framer over Principle. I've been looking for these lately!

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