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Marc Krenn
Posted Jul 19 - Read on Facebook

Firebase Module / Reference / Examples:

#firebase #framer #database #backend #module


Marc Krenn

* Firebase secret property is now optional (thanks Young Chan Je !)
* Updated all examples to the latest Framer version (plus, they're now saved in Framer Cloud and are using code folds)

Jeongmin Kim

Thank you Marc Krenn & Young Chan Je

Dominic Reiterer

Marc Krenn hey, I'm using your modul and I wonder if it is possible to use firebase.put or patch inside firebase.get. It dosen't work when I just code it similiar to this

firebase.get "/#{i}", (value) ->
firebase.put ("#{i}/bookmark",1)

Mike Kyllo

Thank you Marc Krenn, this is an amazing tool. I'm a little new to JSON and I'm having some trouble getting an object. Can you provide some insight into what I'm doing wrong?

Mike Kyllo

Mike Kyllo

Thank you Marc Krenn

Mike Kyllo

Marc Krenn Hi Marc, I am trying to us an if else statement to check if a username is taken, but it doesn't seem to be working . Essentially, I'm pulling the dataset, checking to see if a name already exists and if it doesn't, I would like to to post to firebase. For some reason, it is posting if it exists or doesn't.

Mike Kyllo

Mike Kyllo

Thoughts Marc Krenn?

Alexander Bennett

Hey Marc, using this module and absolutely loving it! Amazing job! Quick Q. I've been using this to connect anywhere from 3-5 safari windows together for a prototype, but when I look at the 'usage' tab in the Firebase console it says I'm close to reaching my connections limit. Any idea why it thinks I have 72 devices connected to it simultaneously today? I only have it open in 3 browser windows plus the framer IDE.

Marc Krenn

Load, save and sync a slider.value with only 2 lines of code.
Live @

Marc Krenn

Like-Counts, synced in realtime.
Live @

Marc Krenn

Paint'n'pop bubbles, MMO style (I hope this won't crash with so many concurrent users, lol)
Live @

Jiyong Ahn

It's so amazing!!! great idea.

Henrique Gusso


Blaine Billingsley

Very good write up. Marc you are the man!

Ed Monterrubio

Can't thank you enough for this Marc Krenn!!

James Caruso

Wish this is rad.

Ben Rodenhäuser

Great stuff ... and what a great article also!

Marc Krenn

Just noticed that you can only have TWO FramerBase projects open at the same time per browser.

Seems to be a technical limitation of the EventSource-based streaming tech the module is using.

Daniel Lee

Interesting! add "Flux" and you basically got an app

James Ryan

Fantastic, Nikki Durkin

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

Is there any for Windows?

Waqas Ahmed

For windoews?

Kostantinos Frantzis

Marc awesome work. Well documented. Thank you

Mike Hughes

Marc Krenn Part 1 seems to focus on the Firebase DB. Would be interested in using the new Storage feature for files. Rather than having to base64 encode files like the old Firebase.

Marc Krenn

FYI: Latest framerjs update breaks this module.

Grab the hotfix'ed version from

Marc Krenn

* Removed need to set firebase.server (probs to the Firebase team!)
* Updated / fixed firebase demo projects and template

Benjamin E Saravia

holyfullstackers !!! this is a must read... thank you!

Fritz Frizzante

Thanks mate! Made using firebase a piece of Cake! Awesome work!

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