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Adrián Mato Gondelle
Posted Jun 02 - Read on Facebook

Hey, guys!

I'm trying to use 'loop' to create an infinite loop for a quick rough prototype, but it's actually making Framer crash every single time I write it down in the editor.

Any suggestions?



Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Adrián Mato Gondelle, you can create infinite looping animations using the AnimationEnd event, too. First, you create one, and store it in a variable. Then you create a second one, which is the first one in reverse. Then you can start the second one whenever the first one ends, and vice versa. :-)

See this little example:

Adrián Mato Gondelle

I'm not actually interested in generating infinite animations, but in simulate something similar to a "while" infinite flow.

The problem is when I try to use something like "while x==1" the framer editor just crashes :(

Benjamin Den Boer

Haha woops, my bad. Hmm, I see. Koen may know more about this.

Pete Isensee

I'm seeing the same issue. In v63, open a new project and type "loop x" to reproduce.

Pete Isensee

Another repro case. Type: "while 1" on the first line, then indent and type any letter on the next line.

Adrián Mato Gondelle

yep, same here

Koen Bok

We dont support while in the editor, but it shouldn't crash it :-)

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