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Will Anderson
Posted May 31 - Read on Facebook

New to Framer, and have been struggling with a question all morning.

Trying to create an animation where a text layer animates from 0 to 85, similar to jquery.animateNumber ( The animation would be initiated by some sort of event.

I'm inserting a textLayer using a module I found through this group. But I'm not sure how to then animate this textLayer. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated

Here's what I'm working with


Mårten Björk

Hi Will, have a look at this file: Is this what you're looking for? The function at the beginning should give you some pointers on how you can implement this yourself.

Kevyn Arnott

You can use Utils.interval to do this. You can modify the interval number to make it faster/slower. Here's an example:

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