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Salvar Þór Sigurðarson
Posted Jun 01 - Read on Facebook

I keep seeing people talking about using Framer for desktop work, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how. When I try to user Framer for desktop prototypes, this is what happens:

1. In Framer Studio, I create a custom device with the desired resolution.
2. I import some assets, and see parts of them in great detail in the preview window. However, I cannot pan to see all of it, or change the zoom level from 100%. This makes the preview window nearly useless.
3. When I refresh the preview window, I can see the entire screen for a few milliseconds before Framer Studio automatically expands it to reach 100% zoom again. Sometimes, if I refresh really often in a row, the stretching doesn't happen. Until I refresh it again.
4. I give up and wonder how people do this.

What am I missing?


Jorn van Dijk

Hey Salvar, it really depends on what you are trying to make. Framer can do desktop prototyping (we design Framer in Framer) but it won't behave like your regular design tool (zooming in and out and panning the canvas). Here's what I use to prototype websites, maybe it is helpful for you →

Rich Zarick

TLDR answer: A second monitor, device, or a fullscreen browser in another space.

I suppose this comes down to preferences, workflow and what you're ultimately trying to build, but these have been the main sticking points for me as I've designed for desktop use cases. The preview window is good for some things and bad for others and I've found that there are only some cases in which the preview is useful for desktop prototyping.

Ben Rodenhäuser

I use Framer for desktop only, and what I do is work within one of the "browser devices". That way, the preview works exactly as when you are designing for mobile. What does not work so well in this scenario is sharing the prototype, because people will end up seeing a browser window within a browser window, which creates some understandable cognitive dissonance.

Ben Rodenhäuser

That being said, I do think the claim "Design for any device" is a bit of an overstatement ... I think the priorities in Framer development lie somewhere else, presumably driven by where the demand is.

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