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Koen Bok
Posted May 31 - Read on Facebook

Is 8 hours trial time enough? Or do we need more? Remember, the time counts against actual usage, so Framer in foreground and mouse moving.


Westin Lohne

i mean, the more the better. the more i use framer, the more i love it

Suresh Selvaraj

Personally, I think it's about perception. The problem with 8 hours (for me) is I don't actually have a frame of reference. I can understand "14 days", but I don't understand "8 hours in the foreground with mouse moving" coz I have nothing to compare it with. If you ask me "How many hours do you use Mail?", I actually wouldn't be able to answer at all. So, even if you ask me "would 16 hours be ok? Or 20 hours?" .. I honestly don't know coz I have to think too much :D

Harsha Halvi

I showed Framer to a friend of mine who was a designer ; He basically did not get why something like this exists. Made him watch Jay Skelton's course on Front End Masters ; it took him about 7 days (Used framer for about 3 hours a day ) before he actually got why he needed to use framer. Coffeescript is easy but for someone who doesn't really code a lot and deals with pixel perfection and layers more than variables it can get a bit daunting. What about use it without limits till you have learnt it and then pay for exporting the projects or putting it up on the cloud for others to see..?

Sergey Voronov

Maybe make It like one month, no matter the hours? For me as designer cleaning curve was hard, and first month i was really struggling. So i worry that people will get stuck at 8 hours and can lost interest

Rhys Merritt

It feels like 8 hours counted against actual usage feels like you're learning 'against the clock'.

It's understandable that if someone is given 14 days they may only use 8 actual hours, but it would likely feel less like they are racing against the clock to get the most out of the trial if they have 14 days to sit, stare and take it all in..

Henrique Gusso

Exactly, I felt like Rhys. Even though I realised that I would want to use Framer before the 8 hours were over, I felt a big pressure to make up my mind as fast as possible because 8 hours sounds so little, even though it was enough.

Ben Rodenhäuser

Had the same impression others voiced: Turned out it was enough time in the end to form an impression, but before the actual trial, I worried that it won't be enough ... Also, I remember being slightly worried that Framer would not be smart enough to identify what reasonably counts as "actual usage".

Hendrik Kleine

I'm with Rhys on this, it was enough for me to buy, but the pressure made the experience less pleasant.

Richard Whitner

8 hours was enough for me to purchase (I had some previous experience coding), but nowhere close to enough for some of my colleagues without a similar background.

Ben Rodenhäuser

One idea: Rather than doing a standard 14 day trial, give people the opportunity to evaluate on fourteen freely chosen days (or ten, maybe, or whatever). A "usage day" is a day in which you use Framer (say) for more than fifteen minutes. Might be the best of both worlds ...

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