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James Ryan
Posted May 31 - Read on Facebook

Hey all,

Can anyone shed some light on how to get modules working with FramerJS (outside of Framer Studio)?

I'm working on a web app that compiles CoffeeScript on the fly and trying to add support for modules.

I've compiled a module manually from CoffeeScript to JavaScript, included that in the page.

I'm running into error after error, exports doesn't seem to be defined in the global namespace, modules can't seem to see the Framer object on the window (they're not wrapped in a closure either).

Can any of the core devs lend a hand here? Is there some wizardry going on behind the scenes in Framer Studio that isn't included in the open source framework?

Thanks so much!


Koen Bok

If you build Framer.js it just exposes everything under window.Framer. You can see this in framer/ Framer Studio uses the exact same file. I can explain specific errors if you post them.

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