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Marc Krenn

I disagree with the points she's making.

1) Last time I've checked, the vast majority of all Dribbble UI postings ALSO included an unskewed 1:1 screenshot.

2) Angled shots provide some faux depth to (Flat Design-) interfaces, helping to increase the visual effect of layer-ness and making them appear more vivid.

3) There's nothing wrong with selling your designs using some (fake) real-life context. 1:1-shots look unnatural, often boring and not how you'd perceive them on the device anyway.


Plus - while I know this comparison is a far stretch - do you think anyone would be excited if Ferrari decided to present a new car like this?

It's really simple, after all: Your eyes are drawn to angles, depth and materiality (reflections, refractions etc.) - that's why people are using those angled shots.

And rightfully so, if ask me.

Mike Johnson

Actually in my opinion it seems to be a solution to the dribble 800x600 limitation. If your design is a vertical format (mobile devices), you really only have two options:

1. Scale it down so the height is 600 and width is skinny, like 300px. That leaves 500px of empty space for the dribble shot. It just looks bad and the content of the design looks tiny.

2. Take up most of the 800px width and drastically crop the design to the top 20%. Can see much more detail, but only a small piece of the design, probably device chrome, status bar, header and not much else.

The skewed angle shots allow the design to take up a much larger portion of the 800x600 format and actually make the design BIGGER than option 1 while still showcasing the full screen.

Mike Johnson

Lol, just realized the medium post is 2 years old...

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I disagree too, i think it's a completely valid way of presenting an idea, this is part of a trend there is of shitting on Dribble and aesthetics, ignoring the fact that you can have things be both usable/functional AND beautiful

German Bauer

It's OK (although really tired and overexposed) as a teaser, but if this type of glossy make belief shows up in portfolio without showing the full screens your portfolio goes back to the bottom of the pile. That presentation style tells me all about the Apple hardware and not much about the digital design behind the software.

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