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Blaine Billingsley
Posted Sep 22 - Read on Facebook

I needed an autogrowing textarea so I took a stab at making my first module. Check it out! Would love to hear if anybody likes it/wants better features. It's pretty stripped down now but I'd be happy to improve if people like it!
EDIT: Minor bug already found use this link ->


Arturo Goicochea

Thanks! Using this :) very helpful

Josh Puckett

Strong ;)

Colin Honigman

this is awesome. quick question, how do I access the onFocus/blur events?

Oleksii Pishtar

Thanks, just what I need!

Sergi Bosch

very cool!

Meng Liu

This is great! Thanks. Got a quick question: how to change the text color? (the placeholder text color and the text color)

Max Schwartz

Super cool dude!

Mason Lee

Great job!

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