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Tyler Young
Posted May 29 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framers! I'm trying to create an effect where one layer is draggable, and another layer follows that drag identically for its changing x position, with an offset in its y position.

I'm having trouble setting up the second layer to a) pull the first layer's position (x,y) in real-time (during drag), and how to ad a (-400) value to the y position in real-time.

I can hack the effect into place by doing some layer combining and hiding/revealing, but I'd really like to learn how to do this the right way.

Can anyone help?


Stephen Crowley

Hey Tyler, like FB Chat heads? There are a few examples is this is the latest of it that I could find. Would this be of any help?

Tyler Young

Hi Stephen, thanks for hitting me back so quickly! The example you've given is a little outside of my skill set, but fortunately for me, the effect I'm after is much simpler: i simply want to create a sort of mirror effect: drag an object in the lower half of the screen and see a duplicate layer show up in the upper half of the screen, and mirror all drag movements of the lower 'master' layer being dragged. Effectively, the only difference between the two layers as the drag animates, is that one layer takes its coordinates from another, and adds a negative number to the y ordinate.

Stephen Crowley

Ah, sorry about that- I miss understood. Looks like George has you covered though! :)

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