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Edward Sanchez
Posted May 29 - Read on Facebook

I need to prototype something similar to when you force touch an icon on home screen and see a menu - then without lifting your finger the menu items get highlighted as you hover over them.

The part I'm struggling with is identifying which option my finger is on top of and which option I lifted my finger on.

On the desktop I can achieve what I want with onMouseOver, but obviously that doesn't work on the device.

I know I can probably do some math "if the event Y is > 50 and < 100 then do this... but I'm hoping for something less ugly.



Andreas Wahlström

Here are some helper functions for collision detection. It might help:

Edward Sanchez

Interesting - will give it a try. Thanks!

Edward Sanchez

That kind of worked but had to do all this trickery to make it work with multiple layers and switch states.

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