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Chris Wang
Posted Jun 01 - Read on Facebook

If I tap on a layer and it's animating, then I tap it again before the animation ends, should it start over or just ignore the tap event? currently in framer it will jump right to the end and breaking the current animation.

Also when I do a swipe gesture, is it continuously firing new swipe event as I'm swiping? I had to check if the current layer animation is animating in this prototype


Rachel Kieun Park

hi Chris, not sure if I got your intention, but perhaps you could try .ignoreEvents until animation ends?

Blaine Billingsley

in the past I have made a boolean variable like isAnimating, set it to true when the interaction starts, and then set it back to false when it ends. Then I make anything that needs to happen conditional on isAnimating being false so you aren't just constantly triggering it. you could try a similar approach

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