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Sam Thorne
Posted Jun 22 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to do the OAuth dance from within a Framer prototype?
How would I handle the callback?

Any thoughts or anyone managed to do this before? I had a search and didn't come across anything.


Kevyn Arnott

Definitely possible! It's a bit tricky to do at first if you've never done OAuth on single-page apps.You'll check the URL at load to see if it's brand new or if it's been return from the OAuth source, and then manipulate the URL, so you can grab the token to sign your requests. The callback can happen 2 ways, you can do whatever the api supports/suggests, or you can be super lazy and wrap everything in Utils.delay with enough of a wait to allow the api to return with data. Whatever makes sense for your prototype.

Sam Thorne

Great to hear, I'll try it out

Jordan Robert Dobson

Marc Krenn did a bit of this I know.

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