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Natasha Noltimier
Posted May 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi again, if I want to delay the timing of functions being called in a for loop how would I do that? I am trying to use the Utils.delay feature but I'm not having luck (I believe that doesn't delay the loop, just the execution of the function being called, so It's skipping over some).

I'm trying to animate some numbers to change as someone holds down a button, and they are changing so fast it isn't noticeable.

Here is my code, any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Ohn Ho

You'll need to use the 'i' in your loop to be the factor your delay is set, since the loop will execute everything immediately. (I think that's right, I'm still new to code!) Also, you won't need to set 'i' as a variable, so I commented that out (the loop increments the 'i' already). Anyways, hope this is what you're looking for!

Ohn Ho

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