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Kevyn Arnott
Posted Jun 15 - Read on Facebook

In honor of Google I/O last week, I started working on a kit to help make material design easier to incorporate in prototypes. It is still really early on in this kit's development, so there's a lot more to come.

So far it has: status bars, app bars, nav bars, snack bars, dialogs, banners, dynamic text layers, floating action buttons, raised buttons, flat buttons, material-styled ui for video layers, ink effects, and the entire material icon set & color palette.



Chris Camargo

Do you sleep?

Nick Kutateli

You're killing it, dude! Thank you for this!

JL Flores Mena

Amazing! Thanks for doing this and thanks for sharing. So much to learn from this project.

Henry Liu

You are my hero Kevyn Arnott. Bravo!

Aaron James

Welp, I can stop working on my version of this exact same kit. lol. I had started it for M. Then stopped. I figured I would pick it back up for N. Let me know if I can help out. Cheers.

Ralph DeMars Gnonlonfoun

Bah... C'est vraiment super super fort...
Good job guy, gonna use it on my next project

Kyuho Lee

awesome and thank you.

German Bauer

Really well thought out!

Krijn Rijshouwer

Awesome Kevyn Arnott! Thank you for sharing.

Jorn van Dijk

This is ridiculous. Amazing work!

Lương Đức Duy

Awesome! Thanks a lot

Ed Chao

Strong hire :)

Valtteri Mäki

oh dammmn, awesome!

Mike Allen

So good!

Blaine Billingsley

Nailed it

Marek Minor

I've been working on something similar for Android yesterday and then I found this kit. This is just awesome. I can't wait to explore it and maybe somehow contribute. Thanks for sharing!

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