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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 19 - Read on Facebook

After some complaints about Android performance I started a deep dive into it. These are some of my initial findings and plans where we can improve. Android has always been a bit of a weak spot for us as we're mostly iOS users, but we want to support Android just as good.

If you are an advanced Android user with deep knowledge about graphics, performance and browsers we'd love your help and insights.

I'll turn this into a proper article on the site over time, feel free to add comments or feedback here or in the doc.


Aaron James

I've added a few comments related to best practices. Hopefully they are useful. Cheers.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I have a few Android devices of varying performance and OS if you ever need anything tested.

Mike Hughes

Thanks Koen Bok, based on your survey, looks like Android is the 3rd most popular area for Framer. We do heaps of dual platform mobile and web, so the holy trinity of iOS, Android and Web. I also have a host of Android devices Nexus 5, Nexus Player (Android TV), Nexus 6P, Nexus 9 Tablet etc. Can also get access to many more at work. So feel free to poke me for testing.

Mike Hughes

Koen Bok please keep in mind that performance seemed to be significantly better on older versions of Framer, when using protos on Android devices. Somewhere around v59 or just prior, is when things seems to degrade significantly. Prior to that Android performance was 'fine' if not quite as good as iOS.

Arturo Goicochea

Not sure where to put this, but using a 5X with Android 7.0, viewing the Tabs prototype on the gallery ( with Framer for Android. Scrolling is kind of wonky, where if you scroll all the way to the bottom, the android navigation ends up on top of the tabs. This happened to me on something else I'm working on where 2 layers fixed to top and bottom start floating up and down as I scroll a layer with draggable vertical enabled.

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