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George Kedenburg III
Posted May 31 - Read on Facebook

Live from Framer Sessions 05 at Uber HQ in SF, featuring talks from David Politi, Peter Ng and me!


Ryan Biega

I have imposter syndrome all the time when I publicly speak. You're doing amazing!

Ankit Joshi

Serious case here

Tung Chi Vo

Oh cool

Joshua Crowley

This is so meta

Zack Rabie

I was thinking the same^

Mamadou DramΓ©

Its 2:00 am and watching you from Dakar, Senegal! Good sharing!

Shanthi Acharya

This is awesome. Couldn't make it to SF and watching from home.

Ryan Biega


Daniel Zhu

Its 10:00 am , watching you from Beijing,China! Great sharing!

Jason Burton

Grand rapids, mi-hello!

Ben Ashman

Ayana Campbell Smith

Hi Georgeeee

Ryan Biega

It's like Reaction throw up 😻

Rohan Singh

How do you hook your prototype to a backend ? Parse was an option

Jay Stakelon

You fancy with the filename hack 🎩🎩🎩

Ankit Joshi

Volume seems kinda low if you're out and about. Being shot from across the room seems to be the reason. Not sure how to go about

Ankit Joshi

Solving that issue

Jay Stakelon


Ben Ashman


George Kedenburg III
Veronica Jimenez-Miller

So much fun!

Koen Bok

I had this cool moment around your imposter syndrome slide. I think it's a very common occurrence when you're learning new things that look hard like Framer, so it's great to bring up.

But also, of course I still have it too. And I contributed quite a lot to Framer, which I'm really proud of. So I'm pretty sure it will never go away :-)

Johnatan Uribe

Great workshop. Thank you for sharing!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Peter Ng - we should gather around the term ProtoBoard(ing)

A prototyped storyboard. Ghetto typing just sounds like a bad thing and it's not really. It's a great starting point. 😊

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