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Vidit Kothari
Posted May 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi Guys, I've a set of web app pages designed on Adobe Illustrator (vector files) which I need to get prototyped and sort of functional so that a person can see the front end which should be sort of functional. Can you tell if I can do that in Framer Studio?

and if yes, can you do it?


Isaac Weinhausen

Hey Vidit. Framer doesn't import from Illustrator, only from Photoshop and Sketch. Your other option would be to selectively export images from Illustrator and then insert those into Sketch. Using images in Sketch is very simple, take a look

Vidit Kothari

Hi Isaac, thanks for prompt reply. I can do all the exporting stuff between AI or PS but I'm more concerned about can I do all kind of prototyping in FramerStudio with the design, like custom designed Dropdowns, textfields, Toggle Buttons? All custom designed interface?

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