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JT DiMartile
Posted May 29 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone use Framer along with the Personal Hotspot / USB option? (link: ) I've got the iPhone USB connected. but when I try to paste the link into Frames or Frameless, I just get an all while screen. (I also allowed Framer in my firewall settings)


Jonas Treub

You are right. No idea why its not showing up in those apps. I might have something else on my phone which shows prototypes just fine on the personal hotspot. More info soon ^^

Nefaur Khandker

I've used it successfully (I had to because for whatever reason even if my computer and phone were both on the same WiFi network I wouldn't be able to see my prototypes on my phone), but then I forgot to turn off USB tethering and my computer plowed through an entire month's cellular data plan within a few hours of taking meetings on Google Hangouts. It'd be really great to get a proper USB mirroring solution like Skala Preview or Sketch Mirror has these days!

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