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Daniel Specht
Posted May 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi, just a question: Let's say I wan't to make a Website prototype with 3 different sites. How do I make this? In Axure, I just create 3 files and link to each other. How can I do this in Framer? Thank you.


Floris Verloop

What do you want to do exactly? Do you want to switch between the three screens when you click on them?

Daniel Specht

I would like to have 3 different screens. After click on a btn, a next site should appear.

Daniel Specht

So I guess it's not possibe?
I guess you can make a transition from one asset to another but this requires a PSD or Sketch file first. On the other hand, building a prototype fully in code would end up really messy.

I think Framer JS is a really likable piece of software but I tried so many things to make it my prototyping software but it's just not working. At least not for web dev. which is a shame. There are so many fancy tools out there but almost no one can handle web dev. prototyping right.

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