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Keith Lang
Posted May 24 - Read on Facebook

Anyone had experience embedding their framer code as a part of a 'real' website? Without any web dev experience, it seems a good approach would be put it Framer content in an iFrame, and use global dom objects as method of communication between Framer content and page content?


Juan J. Ramirez

if you mean using Framer as a production library on a website then I think that's a bad idea. It can work but I think all the underlying source that supports the framework was developed with rapid prototyping in mind and not as a production ready library for animations/interactions.

If what you are asking is showcasing Framer examples on a website then iFraming '' definitely works...

Keith Lang

Thanks Juan J. Ramirez No, not really production. More like 'prototype put inside another prototype'. I'd be hosting on the same same origin, which hopefully should allow a simple solution like frames to talk to one another..

Juan J. Ramirez

Hmm. I see, well, I'd give it a shot. If you're hosting the iFrame then manipulating the DOM of that iFrame is easy, as long as you can pass by the same-origin policy. Sounds like an interesting project.

David Fumberger

We're in the process of incorporating some Framer components into a site we're building at the moment. Should be ready in the next few days so can share then :)

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