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Chris von Burske
Posted May 23 - Read on Facebook

I'm new to Framer and new to Coffee script as well. I'm excited to begin my journey. Can anyone give any tips or advice they wish they'd know when they first started using Framer?


Rich Zarick

I'm not sure if this is what you're expecting, but I wish I knew how useful it would be to iterate through different concepts. Trying and testing ideas, then improving on them when I or others could find their failures. Don't let framer (or prototyping in general) be just a fun pasttime for your motion design skills :D

Scott Simpson

Start off expressing simple ideas.

Jonhenry Righter

Watch Jay Stakelon's framer tutorials on YouTube. I found them suuuuper helpful as a jumping off point.

Jeppe Reinhold

A layer's (x,y) position is relative to it's PARRENT, not the screen. Meaning that if you set the position to (0,0), it will be at the same spot as it's parrent. I wish I knew that from the beginning, I think that 60% of my bugs relate to this concept alone.

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