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Deniz Basegmez
Posted Jun 13 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to edit modules within framer? I'm working on a slightly more complicated prototype and it'd be useful to have the layer inspection tools when editing my modules.


Alvaro Lourenço

Hey Koen Bok. Was code folding the solution meant to deal with larger prototypes?

Mike Paggi

any updates to this? would love to know if there is a way to work with making modules easier or editing within the modules code

Koen Bok

Not at this time. But we will have a better way to organize your code soon.

Deniz Basegmez

I just switched to a vim based workflow where I edit there and alt-tab to Framer to refresh. I wish you guys could embed a terminal or neovim into the editor, my workflow would be so much better. That said, Framer has already saved me countless hours of prototyping work. Well worth 129$.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Deniz - they are making improvements all the time and there are some awesome ones coming soon in this area. :)

Deniz Basegmez

I wish there was a nightly that I could use! Regardless, keep up the good work. If Framer was an open source project I would contribute all day.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Grab the beta?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Also parts of it are open source. Just not the IDE

Deniz Basegmez

Also, do you have any idea why when I am in the Project.framer folder in the terminal, and then I change something and save within framer, my terminal no longer recognizes the directory and I have to cd .. and cd back in?

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