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Jochen Leinberger
Posted May 22 - Read on Facebook

Is there any possibility to disable the share function of framer Studio? I am working on confidential projects and hitting the share instead of the mirror button would be a nightmare.


Kees Plattel

its a random share url thats hard to guess when you share. No harm there.

Kees Plattel

FYI: Most of my things are confidential too, never hit that button by accident.... Too small of a chance. 😉

Sam Thorne

You can customise the toolbar and remove the button

Rhys Merritt

When you hit the share button, there is a dialogue which pops up.. Personally I think it would be very hard to 'accidentally' share a prototype.. But even if you did happen to share it, there's no need to be concerned, it's incredibly unlikely anyone will guess the link that's generated.

Ermal Turkesi

Jochen, you also need to watch out for other people in your Wi-Fi network. If you have framer open and someone in your network has Frames installed on their iPhone, they can access your prototypes without permission. An agency where a friend of mine works at they stopped using framer, just because this issue. There is no way to stop this. If security is a big issue for you, you can try Flinto, it's a good prototyping app also.

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