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Sam Thorne
Posted May 19 - Read on Facebook

Is the PagerComponent able to page vertically? I'm trying to move through a vertical list item by item and seemed Pager would be the best option, but for some reason I cannot get it to page vertically.


Jordan Robert Dobson

What's your code look like?

Benjamin E Saravia
Sam Thorne

actually, it is paging vertically i've realised, using dragging, but not with the pager.snapToNext()

Sam Thorne

Confirmed that snapToNext isn't working with vertical paging:

Sam Thorne

No, wait, confirmed that I didn't read the documentation.
You have to define a direction: page.snapToNextPage("down") when vertically paging.
I feel like that should be taken into account though, if a pageControl.scrollHorizontal = false, default to "down" not "right"

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