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U-Kyung Kim
Posted May 23 - Read on Facebook

I practiced more Framer.js today and made a prototype of a constellation game called Starry Kid I had designed previously!

Find the cartoon characters in the virtual sky. :) - this works best on the device!

Original game design:


Thank you so much to Jonas Treub for his article on the VRComponent module, on which a lot of this prototype is based:


Jeungmin Oh

Oh my god, this is awesome.

Sadok Cervantes Rabadan


Devin Abbott

I was spinning my phone around my head for a good two minutes before someone thought I was crazy. Amazing prototype!

Daniel Lin

This is awesome!! Where are you finding cubemaps?

Pedro Hernandez

Wow! This looks awesome!!

Benjamin E Saravia

what!? this has crazy levels of epic !!

Daniel Lee

That's awesome

Justin Ma

Inspiring stuff, keep up the great work!

Daniel Lauding


Andy Armstrong


Moe Slah

Awesome work 👍🏻👍🏻

Jonas Treub

Wow! Great use of the component :)

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