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Ng Sheng Kee
Posted May 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi, all. I got one question about the code maintenance.
Currently I got one very huge mobile app and going develop it to prototype. But I found that, the framer app is just only able to read one coffee file, which is and that case will causing me in the future very hard to check back my previous code.

Previously I am using a text editor and compiler(Koala) to build up the prototype. Here is the way i build for it.
I created a app.js and then include this all multiple js file inside then the compiler will help me compile a app.min.js. Which is help me to easier to maintenance my code and less pain in the future.

// @koala-append "activity.js"
// @koala-append "activity-states.js"
// @koala-append "activity-controller.js"

// @koala-append "activity-search.js"
// @koala-append "activity-search-states.js"
// @koala-append "activity-search-controller.js"

The the CONS is I have to slice the jpg file manually, because everything is code by the text editor without using framer app.

Sketch and Framer APP combination is awesome. it manual slicing and auto export img and json file, but the cons for the Framer APP is no able to let me edit multiple js file and hard for maintenance.

Is it any good suggestion for me? Your reply is appreciated.
Sorry for my bad english


Koen Bok

We will soon offer a better way to organize your code from inside Framer Studio.

Ng Sheng Kee

ok, thanks.:)

Chris Camargo

This seems like you're working too hard against the system. In my workflow, I create many of my UI components as modules. Each component is built as a class, and have their own methods to do things, events that fire when things happen, and have readable properties. When my components are working right, I can snap them together in a relatively brief file that ties everything together (do X when that component does Y), and each of my modules has compartmentalized logic that handles their own concerns.

Read up on modules here:

Ciaran Madigan

If you want code management, Ng Sheng Kee, take a look at the beta version of Framer ;)
There's something awesome in it and its the solution to your problems

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