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Nefaur Khandker
Posted May 19 - Read on Facebook

Hey, y'all. I'm noticing some unexpected behavior when using draggable constraints with scaled layers (see this prototype: This prototype is a modification of the original drag constraints example (from

Notice that I'm applying a scale factor to both the draggable layer and the layer that visualizes the drag constraints.

However, in order to get the correct constrained behavior you need to average out the original scale factor (1) and the new scale factor (2). This is visualized by the green square.

Is this the expected behavior? It didn't seem to make sense to me, but perhaps I'm misunderstanding the math behind it. Can anyone explain what's going on here?


Koen Bok

Yeah constraints don't take into account scale (or rotation, etc) today. I might add it in the future, but probably only for scale.

Nefaur Khandker

OK, thanks for the context!

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