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Geunbae Lee
Posted May 18 - Read on Facebook

I found a bug in Framer!

Currently, I'm making a blackjack game and when I tried to use the following code:

After the following code, if I try to type and SAVE, Framer instantly shuts down showing an error.

I think if I'm trying to use a while loop with an if statement, it gives an error.

Please let me know because I really need this resolved to continue making the game!


Arron J Hunt

If your IF statement is true, your while loop will continually run and crash

Geunbae Lee

When I just even type While, Framer shuts down...

Jordan Robert Dobson

I got the same thing I think the other day.

George Kedenburg III

You can't use while loops in framer

Koen Bok

But we shouldn't crash at while loops

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