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Tes Mat
Posted May 18 - Read on Facebook

Just wondering: Why would anybody use the ‘onClick’ event? Now that ‘onTap’ receives the Gesture Event Properties and is therefore more useful.

The docs say that ‘onClick’ has “no delay on mobile”, but I’m not sure what that means. They both trigger upon release, so any delay there might be must be milliseconds.

(I’m asking because in Auto-Code ‘onClick’ seems to be a first class option: It appears on top of the list)


Koen Bok

We kind of have two types events in Framer. The raw browser events (click, touchstart, etc) and gesture events that Framer generates based on those with specific guarantees, like a set of handy properties.

Although I'm sure the gesture events handle 99% of the cases and I'd recommend using those, one of Framers principles is to stay close to the browser so we kind of want to support both.

Tes Mat

Ah, that’s what I figured. I’ll mention Click (and Touch, Mouse) in the book, but will use Tap in all the examples. Wouldn’t want users to get stuck on not seeing any gesture events appear because they got in the habit of using Click. (p.s. Enjoy Moscow! :o)

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