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Shabbir Hussain Sihorwala
Posted May 17 - Read on Facebook

I am really struggling to understand programming. Concepts such as classes, methods. Some would say that they're easy.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem?


Andras Ketler
Arun Kumar Dadhwal

perfect timing! :)

Nick Sturkenbaum

I found the book of Jon Duckett 'Javascript and Jquery' very helpful in starting to understand these concepts. He translates the technical terms to very lively, visual, and easy to understand concepts.

Diogo Dantas

Ordered the JavaScript book by Jon duckett last week. Let's go guys 😊

Koen Bok

You are not alone. I think that when people say it's easy that they are right though, but _only after_ you understand it.

Or, the ideas in programming are easy conceptually, but really hard to explain and initially grasp. I am not sure why this is, but I suspect it's the weird mix of math, logic and English that doesn't help.

But another way to look at it is that it's relatively easy. Relatively in the way that I see thousands of people go from complete beginner to using it every day in a matter of a few weeks. Try to do that with Chinese :-)

But also relatively easy compared to the powers it will give you. If you can apply programming to any job, I believe you won't get 10% but 10x better or more efficient.

I'm working on a way to get more people to learn programming quickly because I think there must be better ways then we have today. The way I think works best is to let people invent their own programming language step by step by explaining the problems clearly (How would you write a list? What can you do with a list?). You can follow some of my early drafts here:

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes. Don't worry about grasping it too quick. Just become comfortable with not knowing everything right away.

Understand little by little and once you have all the pieces you can make your Lego Death Star.

Understand methods first out of your list. Then objects. Then pick up the next pieces. Expect it might take you a month or two for pieces to start to click. Just build confidence in the pieces you know.

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