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Jon Bell
Posted May 20 - Read on Facebook

I created DailyUI for Framer! Come show some love on Product Hunt and sign up -


Benjamin Den Boer

This looks cool Jon! :-)

Koushik Chandru

Upvoted and Subscribed.. Just in time when I wanted to take up Framer a little more seriously. :D Thank you for doing this Jon

Gua Tabidze

yey :3 I love the way we distribute skillset improvement information in various topics via curated newsletters. Great job! Framer is cool.

Krijn Rijshouwer

Nice work Jon Bell !

Andras Ketler

Thanks Dude! Just in the perfect time!

Aaron Benjamin

Looks awesome! How long do the confirmation emails usually take?

Ankit Joshi

Signed up. I hope this will push me to embed framer in my day to day workflow

Julian Lengfelder

So when is the first daily challenge supposed to come through?

Carlos Santiago

would this start as basic (like super basic) and scale up?

Carlos Santiago

im getting very frustrated at wrapping my head around coffee script

Jeff French

I signed up but was disappointed to see the day 1 email was just an open prompt to create a sign-up interaction. There were no Framer specific tips, advice, or resources provided.

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