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Gaby Moreno
Posted May 17 - Read on Facebook

Does anybody have any pointers for making a get/post request from within framer?


Koen Bok

Hey Gaby, a normal XMLHttpRequest works fine. You could also use any js library like jquery if you like that better. Make sure the api you are talking to has the right security (cors) settings.

Gaby Moreno

Hi Koen, thanks for the quick reply. Hm, what are my options if I seem to be running into cors issues?

Juan J. Ramirez
Rizchel Dayao

I'm working on the same project with Gaby Moreno. Currently, we are using an XMLHttpRequest which is where we are getting the CORS issue. What cors setting should we be looking at? Also, we are trying to do this with a POST method

Juan J. Ramirez

Rizchel Dayao proxying the http end point with, should solve any cors problem you're having.

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