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Christoph Fahlbusch
Posted May 15 - Read on Facebook

Hey people. Does anybody know how to "properly" animate this on a curved path or how this could work programmatically?

What I've done is rotate the bounds to 180° and the button is its child element. Visually I'm happy with it - But there has to be a better way to code this 😔


Koen Bok

I know this feels like a hack, but it's a pretty good way to do it. It's all gpu accelerated and feels nice. In the future we're looking to add path animations that make things like this more easy, especially for more complex curves. Here is a pull request with a proposal:

Christoph Fahlbusch

Thanks Koen Bok! This is super helpful :)

Kees Plattel

I just saw this; Need to give it a spin though... but it might be what you are looking for?

Sergey Voronov

there is no way to properly animate this, one of the options is to move along svg bath - but in this case- image itself must be part of svg, other is is just to calculate x.y position along of curve function and using proxy - chage it along with time - something i did here

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