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Florin Nica
Posted May 15 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, ^_^

I’ve been working on a couple of projects for the past few weeks that are all about the user interaction with the interface. Framer has been tremendously useful and a key part to my design process at every step along the way. Thank you Koen Bok and the rest of the Framer team for giving us this fantastic tool! I know you’re hard at work making it better every day :)

This is the latest prototype from one of the two projects I’ve been working on: A different kind of video player

Link to Prototype: (video file might me a bit slow to load while scrubbing through the video)

The idea behind this was to get rid of buttons and touch targets, and, instead turn the entire screen into your “actionable area”.
- Tap anywhere on the screen to play or pause
- Drag anywhere on the screen to scrub forward or backwards

There is still a lot of work left to do, but from our preliminary testing it looks like this works really well for young kids and users with limited mobility.

Feedback (especially the constructive kind) is encouraged and extremely appreciated. :)

Thank you!


Koen Bok

Thanks for the nice words! I really really like these controls, the scrubbing feels pretty natural.

The part that I think is interesting to improve is that it feels natural when your gesture is horizontal, but it doesn't respond intuitive to other angels/gestures yet. For example if I start rotating around my begin point it goes back and forth whereas I much more feel like I'm rewinding.

I wonder if you could do something really smart there where you could use rotating around a point for "slow scrubbing", like how the scrub speed in the iOS player depends on your distance to the scrubber.

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