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Márcio Ribeiro
Posted May 17 - Read on Facebook

Is someone having any problem with the scroll sensibility from the scroll component on an Iphone 5s? sometimes I found that simulating a scroll using the draggable property instead of a scroll component has a better scroll experience.


Koen Bok

Hmm I'd love to understand this better. Under the hood a ScrollComponent is literally just a layer with clip enabled with a draggable layer inside. So it sound like it might be a bug I can fix :-)

Márcio Ribeiro

Hey Koen Bok, I think I've finally found what the problem is. When I use the property 'directionLock: true', the scroll experience sometimes (and unfortunately not so rare ) get difficult to use, at least on iphone 5s/5c. Any thought on how to fix it without losing the direction lock property?

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