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Jorn van Dijk
Posted May 13 - Read on Facebook

Google recently added a bottom bar navigation to the Material Design spec. This prototype recreates a couple of frequently used interactions, that you can customize for your own design.

- Material Design icons and colors are variable
- All component dimensions are variable
- Movie titles and descriptions are loaded from a module
- Movie posters are loaded from a local folder
- All content is wrapped in scroll and page component
- Touch up/down to hide/show chrome interaction
- Ripple effect works with every color
- Statusbar with accurate time
- All assets are SVG

Dribbble →
Prototype → (only in Safari)


Benjamin Den Boer


Marc Krenn

Finally. Nice work, Jorn!

Dmitry Sholkov

Nice! Had to do that myself for one of the projects I was working on recently :)

Andrey Yanovskiy

Sick! Awesome stuff.

Leon Kosters


Dmitry Sholkov

I'm impressed. How much time did it take to do this?

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