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Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker
Posted May 13 - Read on Facebook

Morning Koen Bok et al, just wanted to say I love that the new beta has code folding! Just two things I thought I'd mention just in case, even though you're probably already well aware:

1. I would love to fold a whole indented section with one click, kinda like how Sublime has arrows in the margin at the first line of any new indentation. That way I don't have to manually select 100+ lines of code for some of my more complex UI elements.

2. Currently, it doesn't remember my scroll position when I return to the main document from a folded section. I assume this is already in the pipeline, just putting it out there anyway :)


Koen Bok

Thanks for the feedback! Keep updating :-)

Sergey Voronov

plus for folding ) something like an atom, so u can expand collapse)

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