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Min-Sang Choi
Posted May 15 - Read on Facebook

Might be off-topic but I'd like to mention that Framer helped me a lot with this new Gboard app that I've been working on past few months. We tested interaction models with many prototypes and animations as well. It reduced a lot of iteration time since we were able to play / test with it without extra engineering effort.



Kishore Doddi

Not off-topic at all. Gboard is awesome and it's great to hear it was prototyped in framer. I have seen your framer posts and they get better and better :)

Koen Bok

Super cool Min-Sang! Is there maybe any framer stuff we could share?

Sergey Voronov

cool stuff! any plans for android version?)

Andy Ngo

Great stuff but it's super frustrating that it's not available in my country's App Store.

Trung Huynh

cool stuff man

Ben Blumenfeld

Jorn van Dijk and Koen Bok - sounds like an article waiting to be published ;)

Yana Møskalenkø

nice !!)

Arron J Hunt

Awesome interaction :)

A comment on the keyboard itself, the only thing preventing me from using it is the lack of 3D Touch to move the cursor, but I guess those APIs aren't open

Chad Smith

Min-Sang Choi, This is huge, great idea! Thanks for sharing with the Framer community!

Giovanni Caruso

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Javier Eduardo Treviño

this is a good inspiration source, did you find it easy to prototype keyboard interactions? Min-Sang Choi I am trying to decide a prototyping tool for a chat app i have in mind

Rich Zarick

Bravo sir, psyched to see innovation & products released #madewithframer !

Javier Eduardo Treviño

Will there be a Android version?

Ed Monterrubio

Yes please!

Benjamin E Saravia

Congrats on designing Gboard!! it's not available yet in Canada. it looks impressive!

Kian Lavi

awesome work man. you guys have easily created the best keyboard replacement (in my eyes)

Aaron Carámbula

Congrats on shipping.

Noah Levin

You should share some of the prototypes ;-)

Manfred Richie Neustifter

So awesome!

Jon Madison

Thanks for sharing that nugget! you've probably know convinced a few thousand folk to pick up framer ;-)

Tejas Bhalerao

This is a savior. Great work Min-sang!

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