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Chris Keith
Posted May 12 - Read on Facebook

having some preview / demo issues outside of the Framer Studio app. I'm trying both Frames and Frameless for iOS as well.

The thing im running into is effecting two places. The first is on my computer. My prototypes work fine in studio but as soon as i hit mirror > open in browser, i'm met with a blank screen.

The second part of this is im getting the same issue when trying to preview via frames or frameless.

However, in frameless, if i connect my phone via usb and do the personal hotspot method i can get it to recognize framer is running and i can open the prototype fine. Frames still has an issue with the link that is the same to my desktop problem.

Chances are it's one issue effecting both places but i dont know where to look. Any help is massively appreciated.


Niels van Hoorn

Hi Randy, this sounds like a networking issue. Can you see if there's an error message in the developer console of your browser, when you open it there?

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