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Eelco Lempsink
Posted Jun 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! We just released version v63.

For the full release notes see:

This is a bugfix release with minor feature additions:
• Support for PDF and SVG image dropping
• Visual feedback on JavaScript issues in the browser or on mobile
• Fixed multiple undo issues with the editor
• Improved looks for auto complete window


Koen Bok

Huge spring cleaning update. Lots of polish. Enjoy!

Chris Camargo

Wooo! Love the new release notes!

Benjamin E Saravia

"Utils.randomImage(size)" looks very helpful :)
Looking forward to use it, any documentation?

Sergey Voronov

what context.destroy does?

Nicolas Elizaga

Great job!

Maybe I missed this in a previous update, but Screen.width and Screen.height now return inverted values for me when the device is rotated in landscape mode (i.e. Screen.height will match the device's height before it was rotated). Is that expected behavior?

Melissa Cameron

Great release notes! :) Any plans to be able to update layer order directly in the layer list?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes! Align works with point now! That's great! I was thinking that would be nice the other day!

Jordan Robert Dobson

I love the additions of size and point taking single numbers. It's great to quicken and simplify view construction.

Kim Does

My github desktop app loses my framer project every time I save (looks like you are changing the folder name under water). Any suggested fix for this? Or should I just version a folder above it?

Chris Lee

What's this about? "States to optionally take parents."

Jon Madison

started picking up framer. this is fun.

Blaine Billingsley

Since upgrading Framer has been crashing a *lot*. Never had that issue before. Is sending my crash reports the best way to help?

Liu Yong

Do you have any plan for launching Framerstudio for Windows?

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