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Danny Nathan
Posted Jul 03 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone have experience with Tes Mat's Framer Book ( Is it a worthwhile resource for someone who's learning? Price is a little steep for an ebook, but it sounds like it comes with a lot of additional learning resources. (Hope this isn't repetitive; I'm new here. I did try searching :) )


Adam Donkin

I'm working through the book right now. Loving it. So helpful for me with no prior coding experience.

Michael Heimann

Its a great book, but check Tess Gadd cheatsheets

Stephen Crowley

Tes' book is a great resource and especially for beginners. There are many examples to download and the concepts are well articulated and build on each chapter. It really highlights the power of Framer, not just as a design tool but a conduit to developing a fundamental understanding of programming. We recommend this book during our Seattle meetups.

Jeff B. Léonard

It's a great book. Very helpful.

Jeff B. Léonard

You can also check out this book first

Sergey Voronov

Its worth the money if u are starting

Assen Tzekin

Great book! Currently going through it and i am very impressed.

Kévin Baës

I strongly recommend this book! It's perfect to start learning Framer & Tes Mat has always took the time to answer my questions.

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