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Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi,everyone I've been following this Learn Framer 100 prototypes in 100 days project for a while, and thanks for Robert's share, it's really helpful and an awesome way for learning Framer.
And I now have a question about Day 27 project( . when you hover on a layer which close to the ScrollComponent’s bottom, the layer expend but will be covered by the ScrollComponent.
how to get the layer up to show all content when hovering on it?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Hsueh Jason, are you looking to bring the layer to the front? There's two things you can do: change its index and/or its parent layer. If you change the parent layer to be in the "root" level of your design, for instance, you can call methods like layer.bringToFront() to place it in front of any other later. :-)

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