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Rolando Pdl
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framers!
How can I add 2 events to the same button?
I got a hamburger button that on click/tap becomes an "X" and opens the navigation menu, that's the first event.
I need to add a second event to the same button that on click/tap will change the "X" button back to a hamburguer and closes the menu at the same time

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Trevor Phillippi

IMO you should just have a flag of something like "isMenuExpanded = true/false" then manage that flag in the handler and close it if it's open, and open it if it's closed.

Jorn van Dijk

Is this what you're going for?

Filip Skrzesinski

you can create a wrapper layer for the button with 2 states, one with only the hamburger visible, one with only the x visible. then switch states

Rolando Pdl

thanks for the help, I'll see if I can get it to work

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