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Johan Sjöstrand
Posted May 11 - Read on Facebook

Up and running with the new view controller by Andreas Wahlström. Works great! I want to listen and fire an event right after a new view is shown. Is that possible?


Johan Sjöstrand

actually it's after arriving at that view from another specific view that I want to fire an event

Sindu Narasimhan

I think view.currentview should do the trick !

Andreas Wahlström

It currently only fires an event when the animation kicks in. Listen for change on "currentView". I could probably make it similar to states where you have did- and will switch events.

Andreas Wahlström

Johan Sjöstrand Added change:previousView, didSwitch and willSwitch events now: Hope it helps!

Johan Sjöstrand

Wow awesome! Thanks Andreas Wahlström!

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